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Staying heart healthy & warding off diseases using a Lifestyle approach - Part 1

July 21, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Dr.Akil Taher Season 2 Episode 22
Fresh Leaf Forever
Staying heart healthy & warding off diseases using a Lifestyle approach - Part 1
Show Notes

Staying heart healthy is becoming more and more significant in this fast paced modern day scenario.
Given this paramount need to focus on heart health, I sat down with an expert physician, book author, septuagenarian athlete on the show.
Our guest Dr.Akil Taher recovered from a heart bypass surgery himself, and has transformed his state of health to one of vibrant & robust living by tweaking his diet and lifestyle practices.
Dr.Taher and I discuss the following aspects in this enlightening conversation:
- Role of success in an individual's life and how this breeds ignorance and arrogance
- Chronic conditions versus conditions needing immediate attention
- Dr.Taher's own journey with heart health
- "Man made conditions" versus genetics
- Role of lifestyle in reversing diseases that are chronic
- How epigenetics can transform body's response to DNA
- Lifestyle implications on health
- How heart health is influenced by cultural habits/diets and across cultures
- Why heart health is compromised a lot in South Asian population
- Susceptibility to heart conditions in the above cohort
- Saturated fats, sugars and connection to oil in our lives
- Impact of illnesses on mental health
- Spirituality, meditation and benefits
- Exercise, cardio protective exercising parameters
- HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and what they mean and ideal levels
and much more ....
Please be sure to tune in to Part 2 of this conversation on this podcast to get Dr.Taher's wholesome perspective on this topic.

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