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Staying heart healthy & warding off diseases using a Lifestyle approach - Part 2

July 21, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Dr.Akil Taher Season 2 Episode 23
Fresh Leaf Forever
Staying heart healthy & warding off diseases using a Lifestyle approach - Part 2
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Show Notes

In this two part conversation on Heart Health and chronic conditions, I sat down with an expert physician, book author, septuagenarian athlete on the show.
Our guest Dr.Akil Taher, recovered from a heart bypass surgery himself and has transformed his state of health to one of vibrant and robust living by tweaking his diet and lifestyle practices.
Part one  on this show (Season 2, Episode #22) focuses on everything about heart conditions, genetics, epigenetics when it comes to chronic conditions, dietary habits and lifestyle changes.
In this episode , Dr.Taher and I go in depth and he offers further insights on symptom manifestations in men and women, need for restorative sleep and much more.
Here are some  nitty gritties from this chat -
- Whole food plant based diet
- Junk eating versus eating real food
- Keeping it delicious while staying healthy
- Dr.Taher's sample meal ideas in his daily routine
- Eating according to circadian rhythm
- Longevity, living healthy
- Telomeres and DNA impact based on diet
- Role of Vitamin D as it relates to conditions
- Importance of sleep, stages of sleep and restorative sleep
- Men, women and symptom manifestations in heart conditions
- Blue zones and lifestyle
- Smoking, drinking and impact on heart health
- Pillars of lifestyle medicine and significance of body movement
- Need for an integrative approach, nutrition
and much more ....
Please be sure to tune in to Part 1(Season 2, Episode #22) of this conversation on this podcast to get Dr.Taher's wholesome perspective on this topic.

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