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Achievement culture, peer pressure on students and succeeding in this environment

July 13, 2021 Vai Kumar interviews Dr.Jeannine Jannot Season 1 Episode 39
Fresh Leaf Forever
Achievement culture, peer pressure on students and succeeding in this environment
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Show Notes

 Dr.Jeannine Jannot is an expert in psychology, student well-being and a returning guest on the show.
In this very important conversation, we talk about the crucial aspects of peer pressure, achievement culture that students face and how we can create a conducive environment for them to march forward in their lives.
Dr.Jannot and I discuss the following -
* What is achievement culture and have we been seeing this only recently?
*How  students respond to this scenario
*Are all students able to find a test score based system conducive to their learning and development?
* What hiccups do students face and how does this impact their morale?
* What role should teachers play in being able to help students better?
* Can the system be tweaked to help serve both students and educators to stay motivated
* Growth mindset, fixed mindset and their relevance in this context.
* Role of parents, peer pressure, impact of society/ social media
* How can we correct this scenario
* Will all this change only if we adopt a non quantifiable, non measuring approach
* How can we foster an environment of great thinkers and learners
* Anxiety, burnout & limiting student potential in myriad of ways
* Her book release, and much more ....

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