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Harnessing tools to help athletes peak, injury prevention & mental health

April 18, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Paige Roberts Season 2 Episode 14
Fresh Leaf Forever
Harnessing tools to help athletes peak, injury prevention & mental health
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This episode is with our guest Paige Roberts who  is currently assisting athletes all over the world ranging from youth, teen, NCAA, USA National Athletes, MMA, NFL, MLB, NHL and weekend warriors in reaching their full sports and life performance potential! 

Paige uses  Performance Neuro training to provide sports injury intensive recovery sessions, and sports and life performance coaching. Having been a collegiate athlete herself, this discussion is highly engaging and relatable to every current athlete and aspiring athletes, to harness tools that can help in their journey. 

Vai and Paige talk about the following in this  very meaningful, eye opening and insightful episode: (Check Chapter listing of this episode  for specific discussion areas and start times)

  • Paige Roberts' journey in sports psychology and neuro science further to being an NCAA athlete
  • Performance wellness and her roles as athlete, trainer, coach, social worker
  • Athletes, support system around athletes
  • Injuries in athletes and why they tend to manifest more and more
  • Significance of psychological side as it relates to performance
  • Physical vs mental
  • Quality over quantity
  • Recovery methods and protocols
  •  Nutrition, mind and body and techniques
  • Brain Spotting, light therapy and Audio Visual Entrainment techniques
  • Breaking the stigma and bringing the much needed focus to mental health of athletes
  • Signs of deterioration in athletes and contributing factors like sleep etc.
  • Sports culture in locker rooms, support system 
  • Inner circle of athletes - coaches, training staff, parents - their role in ensuring well being of athletes
  • Role of empathy for coaches and support staff in this
  • Tips for athletes to focus on and  feel better everyday
  • Paige's  docu- series on this and other work related info, contact information

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Journey as an athlete, role of psychological modality
Disregulated nervous system and its impact on performance
Injuries, preventive methods, aspects of recovery
Sports culture and its role overall in an athlete's journey
Recovery tools, importance of rituals and parasympathetic component
Nutrition, Mind-body, Neutrigenomics and Epigenetics
Brain Spotting, Light Therapy and Audio Visual Entrainment Techniques for better performance
Mental well-being of athletes
In a Nutshell- Tips, Takeaways, Docu series