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Doing the basics correctly and living healthy the Ayurvedic way

February 23, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Nidhi Pandya Season 2 Episode 12
Fresh Leaf Forever
Doing the basics correctly and living healthy the Ayurvedic way
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Show Notes

Ayurveda is the ancient science of Indian medicine and everything we do in life is treated as components of mind, body being in harmony. Our guest Nidhi Pandya comes from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners and she shares her expertise on how one can do everyday basics right to be able to lead a robust, invigorating life.

Host Vai and Nidhi talk about the following aspects in this enlightening conversation-

  • Initiation into Ayurveda for Nidhi
  • What Gunas, Doshas  are and how it relates to Prakruthi(birth) and Vikruthi(current status or present times of an individual)
  • Ways an  Ayurvedic practitioner could evaluate an individual to understand their body type and health.
  • Aspects that are crucial for healthy living for an individual.
  • Role of hydration, digestion and the importance of digestive fire and building it.
  • Warm vs cold food intake and benefits.
  • Microwave, refrigeration, freezing and impact on nutrition.
  • Tips on keeping meals simple, yet nutritious and fresh, in a fast paced world.
  • Snacking - what is ideal and what are some ways to control cravings and the need to be mindful.
  • Role of body, mind and integration in achieving health.
  • Exercising, role of emotions - fear, anger, overthinking and how they play into one's well-being.
  • Raw foods vs cooked foods, what is ideal and why.
  • Role of honey as a sweetener and ideal ways to use honey; why honey is not to be used with hot beverages and substitutes.
  • Healthy start to day, alkalinity.
  • Best fats to consume.
  • Meal ideas and what our guest does to stay on course during her day.
  • Building alkalinity and Nidhi's take on it.
  • Importance of sleep and how it can help rejuvenate an individual.
  • Ayurveda and athletes.
  • Achieving homeostasis and  general tips to maintain a healthy body and mind.

And much more....
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