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Organic No Dig Gardening

February 22, 2021 Vai Kumar interviews Stephanie Hafferty Season 1 Episode 17
Fresh Leaf Forever
Organic No Dig Gardening
Show Notes

For anyone passionate about gardening and growing their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, this is the episode.
Guest Stephanie Hafferty is an organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning food & gardening writer, small scale homesteader .
She’s the author of 2 great books “No Dig organic gardening with Charles Dowding” and “Creative Kitchen”. In this episode, Steph talks about how one can start a garden, what vegetables to grow in the different seasons of the year, how to build a garden.

She also gives tips on building an ecosystem, warding off pests and rodents and discusses how one can take care of their garden against predators. How to invite predators to take care of other bugs and common garden issues one encounters. Steph talks about composting, natural manure and growing a pesticide free vegetable, flower and herb garden. Poly tunnel, green houses and idea of year round planting and being involved in gardening is something she highlights in this conversation with host Vai Kumar.

Stephanie Hafferty's website is and her Instagram handle is @stephaniehafferty. Her books are available on Amazon and on her website.
Steph discusses growing charts and planting seasons in this episode which may be referenced from her blog
and Charles Dowding's website.

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