Fresh Leaf Forever

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle: Cooking easy meals for PCOS, hormonal & chronic conditions

November 26, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Rohini Bajekal Season 2 Episode 28
Fresh Leaf Forever
Healthy Diet and Lifestyle: Cooking easy meals for PCOS, hormonal & chronic conditions
Show Notes

Rohini Bajekal is a nutritionist and lifestyle medicine practitioner based out of London U.K,  and co-author of a wonderful book- "Living PCOS Free".
Having experienced PCOS first hand in her personal health journey, she sat down with me on the podcast to unpack several intriguing and stigmatized topics surrounding multiple chronic conditions.
This episode serves as a primer for anyone with the inclination to "listen, ponder and change" aka, tweak their diet and lifestyle habits for healthier, vibrant living.
As Rohini phrases it beautifully, "it's all about what more one can include, rather than  what to take away" - a win-win, and an uplifting shift in one's well-being journey.
Of the several things I learned from this chat, here are some highlights so you know what to  expect -
* Rohini's story with her health & how she stabilized it
* Cooking nutrient dense foods easily
* Getting enough protein from plant based foods
* Swaps for commonly enjoyed food items
* Legume consumption to prevent chronic ailments
* Role of fiber, warding off insulin resistance
* Chronic ailments, hormonal conditions
* Getting creative with food, meal prep ideas
* Teen issues, acne, PCOS, eating choices
* 8 step plan to live PCOS Free
* Eating meaningful, role of movement/exercise
* Rohini's 21 day meal & lifestyle plan from her book with  Dr.Nitu Bajekal
*  Vitamins, minerals- an in-depth look
* Sample 3 day meal ideas
Recipe :
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DISCLAIMER: This episode is not intended to be medical advice nor is it a substitute for medical advice. Please consult  your doctor for individual case by case needs.

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