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Food combining for vibrant health- a multi cuisine approach

May 05, 2022 Vai Kumar interviews Divya Alter Season 2 Episode 16
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Food combining for vibrant health- a multi cuisine approach
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Show Notes

Combining food that we put on our plate and planning meals lot of times seems to be a mystery.
Our guest Divya Alter, who owns the famous Manhattan restaurant Divya's kitchen, and co-founder of Bhagavat Life, an Ayurvedic culinary school, talks about aspects of food combining in this episode.

Vai and Divya discuss how best one can do this across different cuisines of the world. 
Here are some areas we focus on, in this wonderful dialogue -

  • Divya’s introduction to Shaka Vansıya Ayurveda, her journey and what it is
  • Mixing and matching ingredients the correct way to create delicious meals in any cuisine
  • Eating based on seasons, geography and crucial factors
  • Examples of good food combinations and common mistakes 
  • Cultures and eating habits and role of habitual, routine eating practices
  • Role of spices(across the world) in ensuring digestive compatibility
  • Autoimmune conditions and eating
  • Impact of bad eating practices on health
  • Easy ways to resolve and achieve food compatibility
  • Body types and feeding according to one's needs
  • Creating meals ideal for everyone in the family
  • Reasons why cooking fresh and eating warm meals is necessary
  • About Divya's book "What to Eat for How You Feel : The New Ayurvedic Kitchen" and her upcoming book release "Joy of Balance  An Ayurvedic Guide to Cooking with Healing Ingredients"
  • Her upcoming Master Class on everything relating to cooking healthy and feeling one's best
  • Divya's website ( and information on workshops, classes

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